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asked Aug 24, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by edgfyghg (120 points)

Ketoviante him win next day seven minutes I meant been it's not taste you know and just keep it going because you can do it you have the determination within yourself to do it and all you have to do is just ask God for help and he will help you yes he will he will help you and the next thing is getting a good support system and that support system it's gonna push you and push you and push you and then it's gonna be days when you're gonna be like I don't feel like doing this I'm not gonna do this but guess what just when you say yes I am yes I am and I've had many a days and I've told y'all on many times that I wanted to lie to y'all to tell y'all I worked out and and thought the camera was rolling and it wasn't I've never done it but nowhere because it's gonna come back well I could just sit out here in this hallway until my kids come but

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