What’s the LED Flex Neon?

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asked Aug 23, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by freemexy (41,220 points)

LED Flex Neon also known as flexible neon tube, is the newest and one of the most popular breakthrough led products in recent years. The appearance is to make up the shortage of glass neon tube and fiber light , so as to replace them.Rgb Led Neon light

There are several advantages for led neon flex compared with traditional glass neon.

1-Low voltage and safety, small power consumption.

Because its light source is LED, so even in the case of 24V, it can work normally, and its consumption power is 6~12W/M.
2-High brightness:

The light source is connected by imported super bright LED, and the encryption arrangement of 80LED/ meter or 120LED/ meter is the fundamental guarantee for overall luminous effect and high brightness.

3-Longevity and durability:

On the basis of LED technology, new structure, make this lamp in all cases can reach 100000 hours of super long service life, relative glass neon lights, its durability shall not use, because no neon glass broken problem (PVC & silica gel lamp body).
4-Energy saving:

Flexible ventilation lamp belt can save more than 70% energy consumption cost.

Flexible body light belt, which can be bent to a minimum diameter of 3CM, and can be cut at any scissors, so can be bent into various text, graphics.

Don’t like glass neon lights, the normal operation needs high voltage 15000 V, and the flexible tower lamp tape in the case of low voltage 24 V also can running normal, coupled with the shock, heat resistance, salt tolerance, resistance to acid and alkali, etc.

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