How can I get more ffxiv gil in FFXIV?

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asked Aug 23, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by smrtsmith (7,400 points)

Recently, many small partners have returned to the classic game Final Fantasy 14, and many new ones have begun to contact FF14. However, it is not a small partner that is not very clear. In Final Fantasy 14, how can I get FF14 Gil quickly? Bird?

There are several ways to get Gil quickly:

1. Cut trees, this is the fastest way, mainly on the side of the pedestrian line.
2, buy lottery tickets, you can earn 100w at a time.
3, do weekly updates of the Gil challenge notes, you can get tens of thousands of Gil.
4, racing birds, very fast, 1-2w Gil an hour.
5, recommended to raise birds, the level has passed 90w Gil, and can also open a lot of achievements

In general, it is very simple to quickly accumulate a certain number of Gil. Every week you want to get FFXIV Gil quickly, you can use Gil to add spells, or you can use the special effects to cut trees. Although you are bored, you can still stabilize in a short time. Harvest a lot of Gil, hope to help you!

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