What is the Link Between Snoring and Heart Disease?

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In stead use your nose to inhale. This automatically SlumberPM keeps your jaws in a firm position as your mouth is kept shut when you sleep. How to strengthen the jaw muscles, so that the jaws do not drop at night? Do some simple chewing exercises. The second exercise is to add more strength to your tongue. When the tongue is firm, it does not droop into the throat area blocking the air ways.

To strengthen your tongue muscles, exercises like doing tongue curls or repeatedly pressing the tongue against the roof of your mouth are helpful. Another effective apnea exercise is exercising the soft palate. If you are relying on apnea exercise for relief from sleep apnea, you have to remember that none of these exercises can offer results overnight.

You have to work on them diligently and have patience. Regularity of practice is a key to getting best results from your exercising efforts. Weak muscles of your nose, throat and mouth regions perform sub-optimally during sleep and this causes blockage of normal air flow, which in turn cause disruption of sleep. A series of apnea exercises can effectively strengthen the weak muscles and bring long term relief.


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