Why Waste Time Watching Television?

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asked Aug 13, 2019 in H&E by shanusweet (1,780 points)

Oh, I can hear you now. "Well Einstein; my brain Cinderella Solution tells me I'm hungry, so I eat (a little more than I should sometimes) and... Presto! Hello Thunder Thighs, the Spare Tire and those wonderful Love Handles we all adore so much." Right? Wrong! As it turns out, there's actually a little piece of your brain that may be telling you, not only, to eat junk but also to eat too much of it.

Yes, although about the size of an almond, it's a very significant part of the brain that plays some key roles in your body's functionality. Throw it out of balance (which is easier done than you may think) and the result, among other problems, is some unattractive bulges in places they just ought not be. The primary function of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system.

The endocrine system, made up of the thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenals, pancreas and a few others, is the system most responsible for your body weight. So if the hypothalamus gets out of whack it can actually end up causing severe constant food cravings, a low metabolism and the storing of fat in the secure fat reserves. These secure fat reserves rest in the "problem areas" and are the last types of fat that are burned up by the body.


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