Are you a Tableau Consulting Expert? That’s how you become a Zen Master

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If there is any powerful and reliable data visualization tool in the industry, it’s Tableau. Every day, the number of users are growing, but some questions keep on arising – how to become a Zen Master, what are the requirements of becoming a zen master, or how are they selected? If you are a Tableau Consulting professional and have these questions too, you have come to the right place. 



What exactly is a Tableau ZEN MASTER?

 Tableau is one of the most active BI communities. The community inspires people to share their innovative ideas of using Tableau differently. These people are Tableau’s Zen Masters.

Tableau Zen Masters help Tableau to accomplish its mission every day.

No matter from which area do you belong, you still have chances to become a Zen Master and Robert Rouse who was an air officer became Zen Master.

You will get access to all exclusive conferences when you become a Tableau Zen Master. Besides, you will also get a badge and will be featured on the official site of Tableau.

In case you are a freelancer or a consulting expert, you might get lucky to be invited for training and provide consultancy to companies as well.  

So, numerous perks motivate you to become a Zen Master.

How to become a Zen Master?

Tableau seeks nominations from all its worldwide users every year. Mostly, people nominate those mentors who have given them their time selflessly and have helped them understand the tools easily. People can nominate themselves as well.

The following questions are asked when people nominate someone:

  • How this person a Tableau Zen Master?
  • How are they a teacher?
  • How do they collaborate?             

All these nominations are for a certain amount of time. Once the nominations are over, the nominees are reviewed by the selection committee most of which are Tableau employees. Some Hall of Fame Zen Masters can also participate in the selection process as well.

What you should do to be a Zen Master?

Help Tableau Community

Tableau welcomes all the helpers with open arms. People are exploring the power of Tableau and trying to learn each of its aspects. However, whenever a problem arises, they seek for a solution in the Tableau Community Forum.  So be active there. Contribute your innovative ideas and experience with others and help people to resolve their issues.  

Become the Brand

Branding is imperative. Just focus on one niche and become it's master. It’s not attractive to Tableau to work or write on more than one niche such as Excel, Tableau, PowerPoint, etc. People like to follow someone who has a vast knowledge of a single niche and know every big and small aspect of that technology.



Create a Tableau Blog

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to share Tableau content. Almost every Zen Master has a website where you can find numbers of Tableau blogs. This helps their audience to find all their contents in one place. Being a tableau consulting professional, it becomes easy to post regular blogs on this technology.   Visit our website to find out more about our expert Tableau Consultant and their niche specialties.

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