NobleSpirit Announces the Introduction of (SMI) Stamp Market Index, Powered Exclusively by eBay

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NobleSpirit, the leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay, this morning announced the introduction of Stamp Market Index (SMI), a new phase going forward in the continued dominance by eBay in the stamp market industry. NobleSpirit holds the distinction of selling many of the highest prices realized for both individual stamps and stamp collections on eBay, while eBay holds the undeniable distinction of forever changing the stamp industry landscape and maintaining its dominance in the space through sheer volume of transactions via a roster of the world's leading stamp dealers. Many of the world's most respected stamp dealers sell many 10,000s of stamps every month on eBay.

"The cataloging of real market prices realized on eBay places the Stamp Market Index in a unique position in the stamp industry," said Mark Flaa, Category Director of Arts & Collectibles at eBay. "Providing buyers and sellers the tools to more accurately transact will open the door for a new class of collectibles buyers to enter the stamp market and help cement eBay as the go-to destination for the stamp industry as a whole."

Since 1998, eBay has sold more collector and investment class stamps (many at world record prices) than all of the traditional dealer storefront, show or auction house venues have combined together in the last 100 years. The size and significance of eBay's transformative impact on all collectibles sectors is partly illuminated by the introduction of Stamp Market Index's showcase of over 200 million prices realized in stamps, made available to the stamp industry at large for the first time ever.

Stamp Market Index (SMI) is an unprecedented search tool by NobleSpirit, powered by eBay, with unprecedented data.

Boasting the largest database of stamp prices ever realized or compiled and made available to the public for free, this new resource will not only reveal the history of stamps on eBay, from this point forward SMI will now:

. provide collectors with the information necessary to establish the true market value of their stamp collections,

. provide investors with a basis to identify trends and opportunities

. provide dealers with consistent, reliable competitor and market insight into supply and demand ROI"


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New Hampshire


Phone: 6034356672

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