Madden NFL 20 Preview: Release Date, Cover Star, New Features

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Another year, another Madden. There isn’t many months away before the release of the next edition of Madden series, Madden NFL 20. To ensure better NFL Superstar experience for players, madden coins features many fantastic new modes and updates to favorite modes. Here’s everything we’ve already know based on EA announcements.
The Madden 20 is set to release on August 2nd for the standard edition and on July 30th for the Superstar Edition and the Ultimate Superstar edition. If you have EA Access, Origin Access or Origin Access Premier, you can expect to play as early as July 25th.

Couple of days ago, EA Sports confirmed that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and 2018 NFL MVP and offensive player of the year Patrick Mahomes as Madden NFL 20 cover star. As a starter, Mahomes became the only quarterback in history to throw for over 5,000 yards in one season both in college and the NFL, and the third quarterback to throw at least 50 touchdown passes in a single season.
Madden NFL 20 New Features
EA finally revealed the new Madden 20 features, and they are right in line with many of the rumored upgrades for Madden this year.
Franchise: QB1 is a new, personalized career campaign for the Franchise Mode that allows you to play as the main character in your franchise. This allows you to create a quarterback, pick your college and work through the College playoffs, the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, breaking into the NFL and then eventually playing in the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl.
Superstar X-Factor, aims to bring NFL stars to life,demonstrating their unique abilities. There are about 50 Superstar X factor players and more than 30 additional Superstar players, as well as special abilities that you can use to get an edge on your opponent.Click Here

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