Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Suitable for People With Diabetes?

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asked Jul 17, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by shanusweet (1,780 points)

One way you can chart your diabetes Blood Sugar Premier is to mix and match with your foods and exercise so that you can monitor the different changes that occur when you do this. It will help you to establish exactly what foods go with what exercises as well as your medications.

The reason for this experiment is to find a pattern of the different types of conditions and which ones cause your blood sugar to rise suddenly. Once you work out a pattern you will be able to chart your diabetes effectively so that you can maintain normal blood sugars at all times.

If your blood sugar levels still remain high you need to seek advice from your doctor and perhaps even your diabetic educator can help you with adjusting the way you are eating your foods and the exercises you are doing. It all boils down to getting the mix of foods and exercise that suit your individual requirements. Remember that we are all different and unique; some people can adjust to their new diet easily where others take a little longer.

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