How to Fix Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error?

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Printers are well-known for delivering high printing quality. But sometimes, some unexpected Drum Light error appears during printing which troubles the users. It is important to fix Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error to restore its functionality. This drum light error, in general, appears during insertion of a new ink cartridge. But there is nothing to freak out. This error is much easier than you think. By resetting the Drum Counter, one can easily get rid of this error as early as possible.

When you try to insert a non-ink cartridge inside the printer, you get this error. Even after replacing the ink cartridge with the new one, we get this error. Reset Drum counter as soon as possible to deal with such sort of errors in minimal time.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot Printer hl 2270W Drum Light Error:
There are separate consumable Drum and Toner Cartridge unit in every Printer. Make sure you only reset the Drum unit, not the toner unit. Here, you can also find best suitable steps to rectify such error in less time and effort. Visit our Printer Help Services to fix drum light error to its roots.

First of all, Make sure you have turned on your printer. Now open the front cover of the device.
Secondly, you need to click on the Clear or Back button. You can find the button on Control Panel or right side of the LCD screen.
Next for numeric keyboard Printer press 1. By doing so, you can reset the drum unit.
For a non-numeric keyboard, press the Up arrow button to reset the drum unit.
Finally, as you get the Accepted message, shut the front door.
Apply the above process to troubleshoot drum light error effectively. Before going for the process, Make sure to use the original Drum unit and toner cartridges. The printer has a pre-set temperature that needs to be matched with toner formulation. Using non Product hampers hardware performance, print quality, and machine reliability. Replace drum and toner cartridges with original ones to ensure quality and reliability.

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