How do you resolve mail issues for AOL technical support?

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AOL Technical Support Phone Number Error 

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While technical support & customer support both are for “consumers” eventually. Let me pen down the basic difference between the two:

Technical Support:

Usually for hardware such as
Laptop / Computers
Consumer Electronics (AC, Television)
Mobile Phones
Queries are usually complex
Time to resolve is usually higher
Might require follow-ups such as
Servicing / Maintenance
Hardware component to be changed
Requires experience reps with the specific skillset
Customer Support:

Nature of queries are non-technical such as
Billing information
New product inquiry
Complaint about service
Feedback for new features
Shipping & Delivery related information
Irrespective of Industry or Size, every organization would require Customer Support or Client Success Teams, however only brands that deal with Hardware or Software products will have a technical support team and non-technical support team both.

Hope this helps.

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