How does AOL still exist?

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asked Jul 13, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by Munro1998 (9,520 points)

Today AOL is one of the primary email specialist co-ops. It is outstanding as between the primary email specialist organizations. In its starting years, this affirmation offered just downloaded online computer games. Nevertheless, as a result of the expanding competition and changing development this adaptation stays behind and with customary improvement and increment into its organizations' range, AOL again made its notoriety in the business segment.


AOL Technical Customer Support Number 

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answered Jul 13, 2019 by ItsBeckahm07 (12,700 points)

 I’m honestly perplexed about that myself. AOL as a gateway for access to the Internet is obviously no longer needed (which was its purpose so many years ago) but it does seem to continue to act as a sort of source for curated information (much like Yahoo). I suspect AOL and other single source points work for people who either prefer to only go to one location for info needs or simply don’t have the wherewithal to browse independently. Kinda like only watching Fox News or MSNBC for what’s going on in the world.

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