How can I go back to a firmware that does not reject suitable cartridges?

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Gradually, this is a mistake code which displayed on the LCD screen and indicates that the ink has dropped out from the cartridge to the printer. In order to fix this error code in MX328, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

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I want the same printer I had when I bought it."
"It's alarming from a consumer rights perspective," said Cory Doctorow, a special advisor for the Digital Frontier Foundation who published a letter contacting for HP to reverse the upgrade on Monday. "If you buy something and it's yours, it's a bit weird for a producer to achieve into your house and take away stuff about it that you value to be able to improve their primary factor here."

In today's short article, HP wrote that they removed the third-party ink container choice to "ensure the best buyer experience." They wrote, "When ink refills are cloned or counterfeited, the client is exposed to great quality and potential security risks, compromising the publishing experience." The Washington Post has asked HP for comment, and will upgrade this publish if the organization responds.
HP is hardly alone in attempting to restrict third-party accessibility their gadgets. Keurig tried a similar move last year, preventing its  newest generation of single-serving coffee makers from accepting anything other than Keurig-brand coffee pods. The organization eventually reversed the upgrade due to poor public response. Apple organization Music attempted to add digital locks to songs transferred to Apple organization Music from the cloud, but removed that feature this year. This technique of adding proprietary application or firmware to protect intellectual property and potentially to box out competition is called called digital rights management (DRM) -- and it's part of a larger trend for manufacturers as our everyday objects become increasingly embedded with system code.

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