How do I fix a Kodak printer that is not printing black ink and missing colors?

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How to Tell Whether Kodak Print Heads Need Cleaning
The first sign that Kodak print heads need cleaning is a decline in print quality. Specifically, print heads that need cleaning produce printouts that have certain colors missing or faded.
Printing a Test Page on a Kodak Printer
One way to find out whether print heads need cleaning is to print a test page. The Kodak printer test page contains blocks of each color of ink. If one color is missing, even though the ink cartridge is not empty, then it is likely that the print head corresponding to that color needs to be cleaned. Printing a Kodak test page can also reveal problems such as misaligned print heads.
Users can print a test page by using the settings on their computer, which can be found via the Control Panel in Windows or System Preferences on a Mac. Kodak ESP printers also allow users to print test pages directly by holding down both the Scan and Cancel buttons for a few seconds.
How to Clean Kodak Print Heads
The Kodak ESP range of printers allows users to clean the print heads by holding down the Copy and Cancel buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. The process usually takes a few minutes, during which time the user should avoid opening the printer lid or pressing any buttons. Alternatively, users can instruct the printer to clean the print heads by using a connected computer.
How to Clean Kodak Print Heads Using Windows
Windows users can command their Kodak printer to clean its print heads by opening the Control Panel, selecting Printers, and then right-clicking on the icon for the Kodak printer. On the menu that pops up, the user should select Properties to bring up a panel of options corresponding to this printer. The user then needs to navigate to the Cleaning tab of this panel, then choose the option to clean the print heads. If the test page revealed which print head needed cleaning, then the user can choose to clean this one print head or all of them.
How to Clean Kodak Print Heads Using a Mac
On a Mac, users need to open System Preferences and then select Print and Fax. Users then need to bring up the Print Queue for the Kodak printer and select Maintenance and then Cleaning to find the option to clean the print heads.
How to Manually Clean Print Heads on a Kodak Printer
If the print heads are badly clogged, the Kodak print head cleaning process might not be able to unblock them. In this case, the user needs to clean the print heads manually. When the lid of a Kodak printer is opened, the printer automatically moves the ink cartridges into the middle of the printer so they can be removed. The user can remove the cartridge and use a cotton swab to apply to rub alcohol to the print head. The alcohol dissolves the dried ink that is clogging the print head, allowing it to print clearly and accurately again.

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