How do I fix a Dell 3130cn printer error?

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asked Jun 19, 2019 in Cell Tracking by Munro1998 (9,520 points)

When you link your Dell Laptop computer or computer printer to your pc, it does not have to be bound to create a driver. The pc system must require the necessary driver to operate the Device Properly.

Dell Printer Customer Support Phone Number 

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answered Jun 20, 2019 by ItsBeckahm07 (12,700 points)

There are many ways in which the error takes place.
You should check your cables if they are connected properly or not.
Check your software or plugin, wants an update or not.
Check the place where are your color plate. Check it if it connected completely failed or not. Also, check if it is properly connected or not.
Check the round plate in which the paper gets printed, if it is revolving properly or some physical fault.
Your printer does not work. Take it to your dell shop if it's in warranty. Or go to any local store.
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