How can we increase productivity with the help of accounting software?

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting accomplices with Yodlee, which may abuse a few banks' Terms and Conditions. Counsel with your bank to see whether live bank encourages are a decent decision for you.

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Accounting software can help you increase your productivity drastically only if you do the following:

Organize a process walk-through to the teams who are directly or indirectly related to one of the accounting processes (say the sales team). This way you will be able to fix your process gaps and only then an accounting software makes sense.
Automate your accounting processes (like invoice approval, travel reimbursement, etc.), is another leap which you should take to avoid manual errors and risks because your accounting software can assure integrity in your data only when you, as a human, do it without any error. Here’s where automation helps you.
P.S. Check out this blog to know why you should automate your processes to improve productivity.

Integrate your accounting software with other applications like CRM, ERP, etc. Connecting your applications facilitates the passage of data across all the departments and saves you, accounting team, a lot of time and manual work. It also helps you gain insights on your expenses.
These are the 3 main ways you can improve your productivity with the help of accounting software.

Essentially, your accounting software like QuickBooks, Zoho books, etc. needs a workflow automation software like KiSSFLOW, to drastically improve your productivity.

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