Sage 50 Undo Transactions Problems and Errors ?

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Bank transactions can become a day to day affair when you are running your own company, business or either working in one. The transactions are done for any particular reason when you wish to transfer the money from one account to another, from one company to another company or so. For these kinds of services, different accounting software are made and Sage 50 is one of them. It is basically a desktop accounting software which is accustomed and designed to manage the financial details of your business. If you are an employer or employee or work privately, it can happen that sometimes you can process some errors while making the transactions. Often, people have to make multiple transactions in a day and some of them may seem quite similar. A few of the issues that can occur while doing the transaction are incorrect bank statement date, data files were corrupt or the payment was not done properly. This is where you need to undo the Sage 50 transaction errors and problems and this blog will help you with that. And you can stay rest assured of achieving any technical help from the experts by dialing the sage technical support number anytime you want.
This method can be applied if you have not created any backup of the Sage accounting and transaction files. This method will suffice when there remains no way to restore the backup. Follow the steps given below.

Open the Sage accounting software in the operating system.
Then click on the “Navigation bat’ and select the option of “Transactions” from the given available list.
Put a checkmark on the transactions you wish to undo or edit.
Clear the bank records that you wish and apply the changes.
One thing you need to take care of is that you can only undo the transactions done by you but not the bank charger or the interests that were issued while doing the transactions. It is also advised, that before you clear the bank records, you print the bank statement as the data will be lost in the process. And for any other help and technical aid, you can always reach out to the customer care executives at sage tech support number. They will be able to guide you for any question or procedure that has not been shed light upon in this particular blog.

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