Why are my AOL Recipients are not getting my emails?

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asked Jun 13, 2019 in Cell Tracking by Munro1998 (9,520 points)
AOL Email is a free webmail administration that is utilized to send and get messages to anybody in your contact from any piece of the world. Because of the nearness of astounding highlights this email has gotten the eyes of the general population around the globe

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answered Jun 14, 2019 by ItsBeckahm07 (12,700 points)

There may be a couple of AOL contacts who are not receiving your emails, no matter how many times you try. They may be using an older version of AOL Desktop (6.0 or lower), which can block emails coming from Benchmark’s servers. Your AOL recipient will need to perform the following task:

Start your AOL Desktop and log into your account and go to Mail Controls
Once in Mail Controls, go to People and Places
Then select the option Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses, and domains
Finally, type in bmsend.com in the box and click add.

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answered Nov 2 by Jimmywick (3,740 points)
This is usually due to problems on the mail server, heavy internet traffic, or routing problems. Unfortunately, other than waiting, you won't be able to determine if the message is delayed or undeliverable. If possible, ask the sender to resend the message to see if you can get the message a second time.


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