How to Fix Epson Printer not Activated Error Code 41?

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Here below we have created a list of tips to keep in mind the steps to setup Epson printer on your Windows-based devices.

Epson Customer Support Tech Support Phone Number Printer 

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Sol  Are you searching for the solution of How to fix Epson Printer not activated Error Code 41? then I will help you. Read this and find out how to solve the issue related to Epson Printer.
Printers today are the most important devices in our day to day lives and completing our work. These are very user-friendly devices. But sometimes we get some issues related to these printers.

There are issues like the printers become unresponsive or the printer stops working or printer showing error messages. The error you are getting from Epson printer like error code 41. So, what is the reason for Epson Printer “Printer Not Enabled, Error 41” code is coming?

The Epson Printer Error 41 comes when there is some problem with the drivers of the computer or there is some issue with the software of the printer. This error also is caused due to Operating System errors or connection of the printer.

Details Related to Epson Printer 41-
File System issues
Checking configuration of the printer
Driver reinstallation
File System Issues-
The issue of the operating system can cause the printer error 41. The file system issue indicates that there are some problems with either driver in the PC related to printer or the problem of registry files that are related to the printer. If there is a problem in the registry then check with the registry cleaner software. If the problem is with the Operating system, then correct it with the system recovery or resetting the operating system.

Checking Configuration of Printer-
If you are facing the problem of printer not able to configure then either the printer is giving the “Inactivated Printer”. This can be caused due to the printer not being selected as the default printer. In that area, you must check the configuration of the printer. You also need to start the spooler service of the printer.

The procedure to restart the spooler service is simple, just click on the Start menu and go to Printers and Fax option and then on Services.msc and click on run for restarting the service.

Driver Reinstallation-
If the drivers in your system have been corrupted or damaged, then it may be the cause of Epson printer Error 41. In this case, you need to uninstall the old drivers and install the new ones.

The process is simple. You need to go into Control Panel and go to Device Manager. After successful uninstallation, reinstall the drivers again and check if the printer function properly. If the printer does not function, then you need to call Epson Technical support.

So, these are the solution on How to fix Epson Printer not activated Error Code 41.

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