types of globe valves

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asked May 29, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by freemexy (44,970 points)

There are many types of swing type check valve, which can be divided according to the position of the thread on the stem:

1. Upper thread stem stop valve
Globe valve stem threads are on the outside of the valve body. Its advantage is that the valve stem is not subject to medium erosion, easy to lubrication, this kind of structure is widely used.
2. Lower thread stem stop valve
Globe valve stem threads in body. This design allows stem threads to be in direct contact with the medium, subject to erosion and unlubricated. This structure is used in small diameter and low temperature applications.
According to the channel direction of the globe valve, it can be divided into; Straight - through globe valve, Angle globe valve and three - way globe valve, the latter two kinds of globe valves are usually used to change the flow of medium and distribution medium.

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