How effective are antivirus softwares like McAfee and Norton?

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asked May 28, 2019 in H&E by Munro1998 (9,520 points)

To spread different malware or infections effectively: One more thing is that the use of Trojan viruses to share the issue by opening the previous entry. If this happens when your body is in danger because it encrypts all your information files. This means that once you have encoded or encrypted, you will never recover your information. If you pay for the payment early, there is a possibility of losing your information or information.



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if you are going to purchase antivirus,  go with Kaspersky, BitDefender, BullGuard or F-Secure. If you download the free 30 days no credit card required a trial of BitDefender, they give you a 30 percent discount if you purchase the license for it. 
 I had a free subscription to McAfee that came with my lappy when I bought it, 2 months ago it started running funky and I got a warning that my antivirus was down and could not be updated. I tried everything to get it back up to no avail, I uninstalled it and installed the free trial of BitDefender, it found 50 viruses. I will never go back again.
 Before I had McAfee, I had a corporate subscription to Norton for my business and home computers, which I was very proud of it as Norton at the time was the best name in the business and ran it for several years. 
Certain computers always ran slow, and despite trying everything I did they always did, so I chalked it up to them just being old. 
Then one day they all started to slowly blink off and crash. 
When running every tool the Norton program had at its disposal, I tried MSE, which was fresh off the presses at the time.
 It found hundreds of viruses, Trojans, and boot sector viruses, and removed them. 
(and MSE is on the lower end of the spectrum of protection) Needless to say, I ripped Norton out of everything and never went back.
 In all fairness, I must say, this was over a year ago, and Norton has been trying to recover its image and reclaim its top name in the security field that it once had

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