How does mcafee antivirus stay in business despite its products being hated by everyone?

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asked May 28, 2019 in Cell Tracking by Munro1998 (9,520 points)

Official McAfee Active was like a mess on the launch. And our original evaluation, published in late January 2012, was not entirely positive. The International Edition of the McAfee Store Microsoft Windows 10 PC was amazingly excellent conservation for a huge display, accordingly impressive, longevity and price. But it was perfectly best in efficiency issues, at least on your out-of-box program. (And in the first few months before the next release, McAfee did not receive a single on the internet update.)McAfee stimulate code

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answered May 29, 2019 by ItsBeckahm07 (12,700 points)

First of all, McAfee products are the worst in terms of performance. Companies buy into McAfee’s deals and then foolishly end up paying large sums of money to upgrade their hardware because McAfee is very demanding.

Secondly, there used to be a time when both McAfee and Norton were notorious for slow performances. Norton was able to redeem itself by making changes in its core AV product. McAfee did no such thing and remained the shitty performing product.

Thirdly, McAfee isn’t “the worst” because in spite of its ultra-shitty performance there are still others that perform even worse (Avira/Avast are famous for false positives, false negatives, detecting but not being able to clean the system and other similar issues. Anyone who’s worked in a corporate PC that has McAfee will be able to ascertain this. Other people who don’t have this experience are not in a position to judge.

Fourthly, McAfee made some changes to their product in such a way that instead of consuming 60% of an i7 CPU, it would consume 20% but the remaining 40% was unloaded onto explorer.exe. You will find that once you start McAfee AV, explorer.exe spikes up crazily while the McAfee process remains at 20% (at idle). This helped McAfee because performance companies typically measure the performance of the vse.exe and completely overlook explorer.exe. I suspect that because of this reason McAfee is one of the biggest scams of our century (along the lines of Coca-Cola). I’m pretty sure that McAfee has fine-tuned its product for performance measuring system rather than actually unloading resources for the user.

Fifth, its IPO product is exceptionally good. And that is what makes McAfee win the sales.

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