14 advantages of the stainless steel resilient seat knife gate valves:

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14 advantages of the stainless steel resilient seat knife gate valves:
1. Full diameter design, stable medium circulation, no clogging.
2.The nitrile butadiene rubber seat of the knife type gate valve is easily replaceable and provides a tight bi-directional seal at pressures ranging from 0psi to 150psi.
3. Compact paired structure conforms to TAPPI and MSS standard for face-to-face structure.
4. Enclosed copper stem bushing reduces operating torque and protects stem bushing from damage in harsh environments.
5.No cover, with external thread stem and yoke, no lifting handwheel, lifting cover.
6.The knife type gate valve is made of cast stainless steel body, gate, gland and yoke.
7. stainless steel stem has corrosion resistance.
8. High strength cast stainless steel yoke does not bend or distort under high loads.
Precision machined stainless steel gate provides superior sealing force.
10. The gate design shall meet the 150psi rated pressure specified in MSS sp-81 standard.
11.The stainless steel resillient seat knife type gate valve can be equipped with hand wheel, hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, helical gear, sprocket, electric actuator or using the existing cast yoke with failure safety spring piston actuator.
12. The resilient seat of the knift type gate valve China is flush with the bottom of the port and does not create any media accumulation at the bottom of the valve.
13, TFE lubrication of the synthetic standard packing, working temperature of 500 ℉, pH 3 ~ 11.
14. High strength body design resists deflection from line load and internal pressure.

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