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"I'm going to get hurt while putting out the candle" Tottenham celebrates 'Legendary Pokemon' birthday...A Mocking of the Fans

I celebrated my birthday, but it was Jo So who came back.

Tottenham Hotspur celebrated Ryan Sessegnon's birthday on its official website on the 18th (Korea Standard Time). Sessegnon's birthday was celebrated by the club on May 18.

Sessegnon had a happy day, but it was a mockery to be back. Tottenham fans left comments on their birthday posts saying, "I think you tore your muscles while turning off the candles," while others answered, "Are you still on the team?" There was also a comment saying, "Legendary Pokemon." The popular Japanese animation, Pokémon, has a legendary Pokemon that doesn't appear easily. Sessegnon doesn't appear as often as well.

Sessegnon left Fulham and joined Tottenham in 2019. Sessegnon's main position is at left-back, but he is a multi-resource that can cover his entire left side, including wing-back, side midfielder, and side striker. He was evaluated for his fast speed and proper ability to participate in attacks.

However, he had a hard time getting the starting job. Eventually, he went on loan to Hoffenheim in Germany for the 2020-21 season.

A year later, Sessegnon is still with Tottenham. However, he is increasingly classified as a non-electric resource as time goes by. He seemed to be able to play in some games last season, but he has not been able to play since the match against Leicester City in February last year. The cause was a serious hamstring injury. In the end, Sessegnon finished the season after playing only 23 games last season.

And this season, he has become a completely forgotten player. Sessegnon, who suffered from injuries all season, has played in only two games this season. He is not playing well and has not contributed to his team's strength.

The situation led to mockery from Tottenham fans. Although it was Sessegnon's birthday, the local fans were cold-hearted to the player who did not appear at the game.






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