National Soccer Team Captain Son Heung-min

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축구대표팀 '주장' 손흥민, 부은 손가락·굳은 표정으로 귀국 | 세계일보

National Soccer Team Captain Son Heung-min Returns to Korea with Swollen Fingers and Stiff Expression



Entering the country amidst the support of fans... “Please keep your balance so that you don’t get shaken.”

Hwang Seon-hong-ho immediately joins the A national team and prepares for the series against Thailand.

With the Korean national soccer team shaken by various scandals, 'captain' Son Heung-min (Tottenham) returned to Korea to join Hwang Sun-hong.

Son Heung-min entered Korean soil through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 18th.

Even though it was a weekday afternoon, about 300 people, including fans, reporters, and officials, gathered at the arrival hall to watch Son Heung-min enter. 파워볼

When the arrival hall door opened and Son Heung-min appeared, cheers and applause filled the hall.

Son Heung-min responded to the support by repeatedly bowing his head, but his expression was quite stiff.

He has suffered greatly due to the various controversies that have recently swept the national team.

Son Heung-min quickly left the airport building under security without the 'big smile' he usually made when returning home.

However, even after he boarded the prepared vehicle, his fans gathered to show their support, so he came out for a moment and waved his hands and greeted them with a smile on his face.

Son Heung-min now joins the Korean national team led by interim coach Hwang Sun-hong and prepares for two matches against Thailand in the second round of the Asian region qualifiers for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup.

In particular, it was a huge shock to soccer fans when it was revealed that captain Son Heung-min had a physical collision with Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), who is considered the next generation of Korean soccer, on the eve of the Asian Cup semifinal match with Jordan.

Son Heung-min, who injured his right hand during this collision, continued to play on the field with a bandage even after returning to his team after the tournament.

Son Heung-min appeared at the arrival hall holding the bottom of his coat with his unbandaged right hand.

The middle finger, which appeared to have been injured in the collision with Lee Kang-in, was still swollen.

Fans hope that Son Heung-min will be the center of the weather-beaten national team.

Mr. Yoon (24), who visited Son Heung-min's arrival site in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, said, "I heard through articles that there were various problems with the national team.

As a fan, I am truly grateful.

I am able to play in the next World Cup or Asian Cup. “I hope he continues to be active until the end of the day,” he said.

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