Jeong Ji-hoon, Junior Professional Gamers

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젠지 e스포츠 미드 라이너를 맡고 있는 '쵸비' 정지훈 (라이엇게임즈 제공)

‘Chovy Scholarship’ Established for Junior Professional Gamers



‘Chovy’ Jeong Ji-hoon donates 60 million won to Gen.G Global Academy

Gen.G Esports announced on the 18th that mid laner 'Chovy' Jeong Ji-hoon, a leading player in the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) three-peat, donated 60 million won to Gen.G Global Academy (GGA).

According to Gen.G, this donation was made through The MAU, a fashion brand run by Jeong Ji-hoon.

The Mau is a company that sells clothing and goods related to Jeong Ji-hoon.

It is said that Jeong Ji-hoon made this donation based on his affection for his team and trust in Gen.G Global Academy. 온라인카지노

Jeong Ji-hoon extended his contract with Gen.G before the 2023 Stove League and maintained the contract for three consecutive years.

Jeong Ji-hoon said, “I have been thinking about various support measures and discussing with the team for a long time to support the dreams of the next generation of professional gamers who have the same passion as me,” and added, “I am grateful for the growth and victory of not only professional gamers but also countless next-generation talents in the e-sports industry.

He revealed the reason for the donation, saying, “We will not spare any support.”

Park Yoo-chan, CEO of Gen.G Global Academy, said, “The Mau’s support will serve as a solid stepping stone for Academy students to achieve their individual dreams,” adding, “Nurturing talent is the key to industry growth. Gen.G Global Academy ultimately serves as a platform for students and the industry.

“We are pursuing a virtuous cycle of mutual growth and opening up more opportunities and possibilities.

We will continue to make various efforts to achieve this,” he said.

GGA is the largest esports academy in Korea and plays a pivotal role in discovering and nurturing next-generation talent.

In addition, as an educational institution recognized by professional players, it is driving the growth of the e-sports academy market.

Gen.G Global Academy has produced numerous esports talents since its establishment in July 2019.

In November 2023, all Gen.G Scholars, “Gen.G Scholars” selected for GGA intensive class (GGA Plus) students, were called up to the LCK CL 2nd team.

In addition, we are striving to nurture talent in various fields, including e-sports marketing, production, competition management, and sponsorship, as well as nurturing professional gamers.

Through the employment program “Esports Master Track (EMT),” which has been in operation since 2021, we are working to foster talent so that they can get jobs at esports companies, including Gen.G Esports.

Jeong Ji-hoon's donation will be used to develop programs for talent development and support GGA students.

In particular, GGA plans to operate the “Chovy Scholarship Program” for teenagers who dream of becoming professional gamers.

Detailed information regarding the selection process can be found on the GGA website.

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