German Bundesliga Bayern Munich center back Matthijs de Ligt has regained happiness

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Early this season, De Ligt was completely eliminated from the starting lineup of Bayern Munich. As a key defender of Bayern Munich until last season, De Ligt had to concede the starting lineup and the "Number One" center back to Kim Min-jae, who was newly hired this season. In addition, De Ligt was evaluated as a de facto player who was absent from the roster due to injury and other reasons.

At the time, De Ligt expressed dissatisfaction with Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and wanted to transfer. In fact, he even pushed for a transfer. Rumors have it that he will transfer to various teams.

Recently, however, De Ligt jumped back into the starting lineup. Kim Min-jae was pushed to the bench. The atmosphere changed when Eric Dier arrived from Tottenham last January. He started from Dier's starting lineup, and the team has been on a winning streak. The chemistry between the two players has been praised by the local media.

The switch to "happy soccer." Then De Ligt changed his mind. He decided to give up his move and focus on staying. England and Manchester United wanted him, but he proudly refused. I also heard that Arsenal were interested. However, De Ligt is only thinking about staying. There is no reason for the Bayern Munich Center to move to another team again. He is serious about staying.

Bayern Strike, which carries the news of Bayern Munich, reported the situation of Derrick and Derrick's intention to stay.

The outlet said, "De Ligt has dismissed speculations about his future. De Ligt has become a regular player for Bayern Munich again. He has been consistent with Dyer. De Ligt has been pushed out by Kim Min-jae and Dayot on the right wing due to injuries and poor conditioning. He gave up his starting spot to Mechano, but now he is back in his rhythm. He was frustrated in the first half due to a lack of chances, but now he is different. He has appeared in many games since Kim was away for the Asian Cup. De Ligt has denied all rumors of a move. "I do," he said.

Indeed, De Ligt said, "I think the transfer theory is mainly related to external expectations. When I'm not playing, there's news that I'm not going to be happy immediately and that I'm leaving the team. There were games I wanted to play for, of course, but I was unhappy. There was no reason for that. I'm still having a great time with Bayern Munich, and I've been playing again recently. I know what the rumors are about, so it doesn't bother me."

Accordingly, the media outlet said, "Derich had a relatively good performance after moving to Bayern Munich. He has yet to reach his prime. It does not make sense for Bayern Munich to give up on him. He said, "It is about transferring DeLich in the summer transfer market. It is difficult to get up."

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