Can I Combine Two Amazon Accounts?

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Are you tired of juggling between multiple Amazon accounts and wish there was a way to merge them into one? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of merging two Amazon accounts so that you can streamline your online shopping experience and manage your orders more efficiently.


Step 1: Contact Amazon Customer Support

The first step in merging two Amazon accounts is to reach out to Amazon Customer Support. You can do this by visiting the Amazon website and navigating to the "Help" section. From there, you can choose to contact Amazon via phone, chat, or email. Explain to the customer support representative that you would like to merge two accounts and provide them with the necessary information, such as the email addresses associated with each account.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

To ensure the security of your accounts, Amazon may ask you to verify your identity before proceeding with the account merger. This could involve answering security questions, providing a valid ID, or confirming your billing information. Once your identity is verified, Amazon will proceed with the account merger process.

Step 3: Transfer Account Information

During the account merger process, Amazon will transfer all your account information, including your order history, payment methods, and saved addresses, from the secondary account to the primary account. This may take some time, so be patient and wait for Amazon to complete the transfer.

Step 4: Confirm the Merge

Once the account merger is complete, Amazon will notify you via email and confirm that the two accounts have been successfully merged into one. You can now log in to your primary Amazon account and enjoy the convenience of managing all your orders and information in one place.

By following these steps, you can merge two Amazon accounts and simplify your online shopping experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between accounts and hello to a more streamlined shopping process. Happy shopping!

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