Madison preemptive mocking → 'reversal defeat' humiliation… "I accepted it aggressively"

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Neil Morphe and James Madison, remembering the crash

Tottenham Hotspur and Brentford played on the 1st (Korea time). The game was really interesting. At the time, Tottenham was dragged away after allowing Morphe a goal in the 15th minute of the first half, but managed to survive by scoring three goals in the early second half. Brentford, who turned the score around, started chasing Ivan Toney's comeback goal in the 22nd minute of the second half, but failed to catch up with Tottenham's defense.

Pele won 3-2. As much as the game was fun, there was one more interesting anecdote. Players from both teams had a war of nerves through the awards ceremony.

It started with Brentford. Maupe, who scored the opening goal in the 15th minute, performed his signature dart ceremony in front of Madison. As a result, Madison and Maupe collided and even got into an argument.

With this in mind, Tottenham succeeded in revenge in the second half. Brennan Johnson and Richarlison, who scored on behalf of Madison, responded to Mope's actions with a dart ceremony. In particular, Johnson made a fierce look on his face, stimulating his opponent even more.

The players' war of nerves didn't stop there. After the game, Madison taunted Moffe, telling TNT Sports, "He probably didn't score enough goals to be congratulated over the years, so he should have followed my congratulations." He posted, "I've scored more goals and had fewer relegations than Madison did in my career."

Morpe recalled his anecdote with Madison once again. In an interview with the British media outlet Times, "Madison really took it personally. It was fun. I threw a dart and he took it aggressively. Then he posted a picture of me on social media." But now, Moffe considers the incident to be happening. He said, "If I give something to the other person, I have to know that I can get something similar."안전놀이터

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