How to Use Different Floor Plan Apps

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How to Use Different Floor Plan Apps

Are you an appraiser/real estate agent/photographer or an individual selling a house? Are you trying to create a perfect floor plan without investing in expensive hardware? In this article, we will discuss two affordable solutions for all: To manually sketch a floor plan or to use professional floor plan apps!To get more news about free house plan drawing software, you can visit shine news official website.

Creating floor plans may seem like a tiresome process that requires endless training and expensive hardware at first. However, the good news is, there are plenty of great solutions on the market to help ease your job of creating floor plans on a daily basis.
While there is the option to manually sketch floor plans by hand, it’s much easier to use a floor plan app — with a drawing or scanning ability. Let’s take a look at the different methods of creating floor plans.While a floor plan with slight discrepancies may be enough for marketing purposes, it is a no-go for appraisals. According to Standardized Property Measuring Guidelines by Fannie Mae, floor plans for appraisals must be computer-generated and indicate all the dimensions needed to calculate the GLA.

Method #2. Use an app for floor plans
To save time and ensure accuracy, technology is your best friend. There are several user-friendly floor plan apps on the market to help you get the job done.

2D and 3D floor plan apps are designed to reduce tiresome work — no sketching, tapping on corners, crouching through spaces, or assembling data measurements.

Better yet, instead of spending hours on manual sketches, you only need a fraction of that time to create accurate floor plans that are aligned with Fannie Mae requirements. By using scanning apps, appraisers will be able to provide a floor plan with interior walls for their assignments even for complex properties and agents will be able to use professional floor plans for marketing purposes to enhance the property listing. HVAC contractors can also benefit from ease of use of floor plan apps since it allow them to not only get a ready floor plan but also accurate measurements.
1. Download a floor plan app on your iPhone or Android phone and install it
Discover the top floor plan apps by conducting a search on trusted review platforms like Capterra and G2. Read user experiences and feedback to make an informed decision. Choose the one that fits your needs, and download it to your mobile device. Depending on the app, you may need to sign up on their website first before downloading it (especially if you want to access their free offers/trials).

2. Hold the phone and scan the entire space or each room separately
Each app has its own recommendations. For example, for some apps, you would need to tap on the screen while holding the phone to mark the doors and corners. With the CubiCasa app, you don’t need to do anything else other than scanning (5 min scan, and you are done).

3. Get your ready floor plans with room dimensions
After the scanning process, you may need to edit the floor plans with the materials from the scan. They may also be immediately available for download, or within a few hours, depending on the service provider. CubiCasa’s floor plan app does not require you to edit the floor plans after scanning. Your job is pretty much done, and you’re ready to submit the order. Simple as that!

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