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Eric Dyer's move to Dortmund has been rumored.

Germany's 'Pussvall' said, "It is known that Dyer has received several offers from Bayern Munich over the past few days. Besides, Dyer said he is in discussions with Dortmund as well as Munich.”

Dyer has recently been pushed out of the competition for a place in Tottenham Hotspur. Until last season, Dyer, who was unconditionally a starting player in Tottenham regardless of the team's manager, has not been able to take his place since the command tower was replaced by manager Ange Postecoglu this season. Postecoglu trusts Christian Romero and Mickey van der Venn instead of Dier, and Dier is off the roster and is not even on the bench.

This is why rumors of Dyer's transfer appear. 'Pusval' said, "Munich is looking for a replacement for Benjamin Pavard, who is about to move to Inter Milan, and the potential candidate is Dyer. It is said that Dier has received a lot of offers over the past few days.” He said that Munich, which is trying to add a center back option, is considering Dier as a candidate.

Then, citing a report by Kabe Sol Hekol of the UK's 'Sky Sports', "Dyer is not only a central defender, but also can digest right defender and defensive midfield positions. Currently, Dyer has a contract with Tottenham until the end of the season, but he is unable to play for Tottenham, and Dortmund, in addition to Munich, considers him a scouting option. Dyer's whereabouts will be resolved before September 1," he added.

As the media explains, Dyer is a resource that can play a variety of positions. Dier, who has shown versatility in the past, has played not only as a center back but also as a defensive midfielder because of his high-level long passing skills.

However, Dyer's current performance is close to the worst. Until last season, Dyer was cited as the culprit of Tottenham's defensive problems. Despite being a center back, lack of composure and unstable build-up were considered Dyer's weaknesses. Because of this, Dyer has never played a game since the start of this season, and since he has not played a game since the preseason, it is highly likely that he has lost his sense of practice.

Dyer had a choice. Fulham have shown interest in Dier after seeing him fall out of the competition for the starting spot in Tottenham. However, Dyer said he would not choose to transfer, and even if he left, it is known that he intends to leave after spending the remaining year with the team until becoming a free agent (FA) next summer.

Dyer also believes that if he waits and prepares, his prime will come. "Football London" said Dyer believes he is still in his prime, and he said on social media that he is not seeing any criticism directed at him.

“I intend to stay at Tottenham,” Dyer said. By controlling the things I control. I am 29 years old. I sincerely believe that the best times will come in the future. I don't just say this, I know that time will come."

As a basis, the case of Jan Vertonghen and Moussa Dembele, who played together in Tottenham in the past, was presented. "From what I've seen from players I've played with over the years, my good friends Vertonghen and Dembele were in their early 30s, at their prime," Dyer said. The time I played with the two players at Tottenham was the best moment in their careers.”

“I know my best days are coming, and I look forward to them. I like being under coach Postecoglu. It's a different style, but learning a different style of football is fun both physically and mentally."

It was interpreted as meaning that he would remain at Tottenham. Charlie Eccleshare, who is affiliated with Britain's 'The Athletic' and works as a reporter dedicated to Tottenham, said, "Dyer's contract expires next summer, and Tottenham is trying to make a profit by selling Dyer this summer. But Dyer said he wants to leave the team as a free agent next summer.”

“Director Postecoglu has so far not included Dier on the roster, and Dier has three options. It is to leave the team now, leave the loan until the end of the season, or stay with the team and compete for the starting position. Dyer can leave on loan, but the possibility of a complete transfer is low. From Tottenham's point of view, sending Dyer on loan means that he will release Dyer as a free agent next summer."

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