Main Causes Responsible For Power Windows Not Working

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Main Causes Responsible For Power Windows Not Working

Power windows have replaced manually operated windows even in the entry-level cars in today_x0019_s world. The entire working of the power window system can get disrupted even if one of the electrical components of it fails to work.Get more news about power window switch supplier,you can vist our website!

Once considered to be a desirable feature in cars, the presence of power windows has become too mainstream. Barring the base variants of the entry-level cars, all the modern cars are now being equipped with power windows, making them a necessity rather than a luxury.
However, just like other electrical systems of a car, the power window system too is prone to faults and errors, and just because of one such error, the power window stops working. Following are the main reasons responsible for the malfunctioning of power windows in a car:

Worn out switches The more you use the power window switches by pressing them to roll up and down, the more it will undergo wear and tear. This continuous wear and tear of the switch eventually lead to a condition when it finally stops working.
Loose or damaged wiring Given the power window system is also electrically operated, there might be a possibility of a loose connection between the window switch and power window motor. Or there might be a case when the wiring might have burnt out.

Faulty power window motor Just like in any other electrical system, the power window system too has a motor as its central heart. All the four power windows have separate motors for them, and if any of the four motors get damaged, power eventually can not be supplied.

Faulty power window regulator Apart from the motor and switch, there is one more component which is held responsible for the up and down motion of the window, and that is a regulator. If the power window regulator starts failing, the power window will gradually decrease its speed of rolling up and down, and finally will stop working.

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