Worst signing that no one can dispute

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Tanguy Ndombele is Tottenham's worst signing that no one can dispute.

"The crazy move that can be shown right before the end of the transfer market may be the best way for Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, who can organize nine players. We have to sell the majority first," he said, reporting that Tottenham are currently struggling to work on the release.

First-team players who are definitely considered for sale include Hugo Lloris, Jaffet Tangaga, Jed Spence, Sergio Reguilon, Harvey White and Ndombele. The most problematic thing is, of course, Ndombele.

Ndombele is a rising ace in Olympique Lyon, attracting many big clubs with excellent passing and pressure skills, and Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham, brought Ndombele as the right person to take responsibility for the creativity of the midfield.

With exceptional treatment, he invested 60 million euros (about 86.1 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever for Tottenham, and his weekly salary was equivalent to the team's star Harry Kane, and many expectations were raised for Tottenham's recruitment, which does not match his "sad man" image, but Endombele's recruitment began to fail in less than a season.

Jose Mourinho, Nuno Santo, and Antonio Conte were not favorable to Ndombele, and the players asked for a transfer to the club one after another, and Tottenham left Ndombele to the club because he was in a position to succeed, but Ndombele's attitude did not change at all.

Ahead of the 2022-23 season, there was no club to fully recruit Ndombele, and eventually Tottenham loaned Ndombele to Napoli, and he was on the ground more often than Tottenham, but Ndombele showed little performance in Napoli, and he had no intention of fully recruiting him in Naples.

Ndombele, who returned to Tottenham, was re-evaluated without prejudice by coach Enje Postecolu, and the result was the same, and Posteco Glue said he was willing to intervene at any time if Ndombele changed, but he was on the release list again, but no sale has been made.

In this regard, the media said, "There are few clubs in Europe that can afford Ndombella or Lloris' annual salary," adding, "However, players are often reluctant to reduce or reduce their annual salary."

Unless Ndombele gives up 200,000 pounds (about 335.4 million won) a week, the sale for the rest of the transfer period is almost impossible. Ndombele's contract is still two years away.

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