The games for 2023 Poppies that are most anticipated!

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The third episode of the horror-horror puzzle game Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 The storyline from the first two chapters is continued in chapter 3. You play a former employee who unexpectedly returned to the factory after the Huggy Wuggy toy company closed it down in this game. You'll have to cope with rough toys and discover the murky sides of the industry.

If you enjoy Poppy Playtime, try trying a few of these comparable games. The Eight Slender Pages in Section 3 You have to find eight pieces of paper while avoiding the spectral Slenderman in this classic horror game's pitch-black woodland.

You can play through the tale of an artist who goes insane in the psychological horror game Layers of Fear. The spooky atmosphere of the game is enhanced by the use of music and graphic effects.

• In the horror game Outlast, you have to get out of a mental hospital that is under the influence of terrifying enemies. All you need is a camera and a battery to capture what happens and turn it on.

• Baba Yaga: In this eerie video game, players face the fabled witch Baba Yaga while trying to find a spot to reside in a forested wilderness. The game offers a wide range of potential results depending on how you play.

Small Nightmares As a young girl wearing a yellow raincoat, you will face horrifying monsters in this puzzle-adventure horror game. You must use stealth and clever tactics if you want to live.

A game called "Five Nights at Freddy's" exists. Working at a pizzeria where animatronic puppets turn into deadly robots at night is featured in this well-known horror game. To keep an eye on the puppets and prevent them from attacking you, use security technology.

I hope you have fun playing games! has extra games that are comparable that you may play.


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