Central Auto Repair in Worthing is your one-stop shop for MOT while you wait and expert vehicle services.

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Hello, Worthing automobile owners and drivers!

Are you looking for a dependable auto repair shop that respects your time and offers high-quality services? Central Auto Repair is the place to go! We provide a variety of services, including MOTs while you wait, brake pad and disc replacement, automobile servicing, and exhaust welding. Let's look at the services we offer:

1. MOT While You Wait is Valuable:

We recognise the value of your time. Central Auto Repair in Worthing provides MOTs while you wait. Our quick service ensures that your car is tested without causing any unwanted disruptions to your day.

2. Brake Pad Replacement Value:

The braking system in your vehicle is critical to your safety. Our experienced brake pad repair in Worthing ensures that your braking performance stays reliable and effective.

3. Brake Disc Replacement Value:

The replacement of brake discs is necessary for good braking performance. Central Auto Repair offers brake disc replacement services in Worthing to keep your car safe and reliable.

4. Car Servicing Value:

Regular car servicing is essential for the overall health and performance of your vehicle. Our thorough Worthing auto servicing includes fluid checks, inspections, and other services to keep your vehicle operating smoothly.

Worthing Exhaust Welding:

Is it time to replace your vehicle's exhaust system? Our Exhaust welding Worthing services repair leaks and damages, ensuring that your exhaust system operates effectively and fulfils pollution regulations.


Central Auto Repair is your trustworthy Worthing partner for all of your vehicle repair needs. Whether you require a MOT while you wait, brake pads or disc replacement, car servicing for peak performance, or exhaust welding for a functional exhaust system, our team of professionals is committed to providing great automotive solutions.

Visit Central Auto Repair today to witness our dedication to providing excellent customer service and skilled automobile services. Drive with confidence, knowing that your car is in the hands of experts who value your safety, satisfaction, and time.

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