When you need complete services for your vehicle in Maidstone, go no further than Antyres.co.uk.

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Greetings, Maidstone motorists and auto lovers!

Need a trustworthy auto shop that can take care of everything? Try Antyres.co.uk before you go anywhere else! We are the go-to mechanic for anything from a full service and brake replacement to clutch and engine swaps and oil changes. Let's have a look at the maintenance options we have to keep your car in top shape:

Full Service in Maidstone: Here at Antyres.co.uk, we know that keeping up with your car's maintenance is crucial to its longevity and safety on the road. Our comprehensive service in Maidstone includes everything from fluid checks to inspections to guarantee your car is safe to drive and operating at peak performance.

Do you need new brakes? Maidstone brake replacement. Antyres.co.uk provides professional brake replacement in Maidstone by trained professionals. Put your trust in us to replace your brakes so you can drive safely again.

Thirdly, Clutch Repair in Maidstone:
Suffering from clutch problems? We replace clutches in Maidstone to get your car's gearbox back in shape. You may rely on our trained specialists to provide a long-term answer.

Need a new engine? Maidstone's got you covered. Antyres.co.uk is a Maidstone-based business that specialises in engine replacement. Your vehicle's functionality and dependability will be restored thanks to our skilled team's replacement efforts.

Change your oil and filter regularly to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, with help from Oil service Maidstone. In order to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, we provide a thorough oil service in Maidstone.


If you need auto repair in Maidstone, look no further than Antyres.co.uk, as they provide a wide variety of options. Whether you need an oil change, engine replacement, brake repair, or clutch installation, our qualified staff is committed to providing you with the best possible service.

Come to Antyres.co.uk today for professional auto maintenance and repair services and outstanding customer care. Since professionals who genuinely care about your needs serviced your car, you felt at ease getting behind the wheel.

CEO Antyres.co.uk

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