Why choose a waterproof connector and what are its advantages?

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Why choose a waterproof connector and what are its advantages?

A waterproof connector is a connector that can be used in an environment with water, and can ensure that the internal mechanical and electrical properties of the connector can be used normally under certain water pressure.Get more news about Waterproof Connector,you can vist our website!

IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) protection level system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTRO-TECHNICAL COMMISSION). The electrical appliances are classified according to their dust-proof and moisture-proof characteristics. The objects referred to here contain tools, and the palms, fingers, etc. of the person should not touch the live parts of the appliance to avoid electric shock. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of the appliance from dust and the intrusion of foreign objects. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the appliance against moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the level of protection. High.

Advantages of Waterproof Connector
1. Excellent sealing performance. The highest waterproof level of the waterproof connector can reach the IP68 standard.
2. The waterproof connector is an internationally certified product, which has obtained CE certification, low voltage directive, WEEE directive and OOHS directive. These proofs guarantee the quality of the waterproof connector and its irreplaceable market position.
3. Waterproof connectors have a variety of products. Among them, the Slocable series of waterproof connectors have the following models: M682-A, M682-B, M683-B, M685-T and M685-Y, etc.
4. Waterproof connector is a product with high quality and high design for working environment with water. The equipment not only guarantees to provide customers with reasonable connection schemes, but also brings a sense of safety and reliability.
5. The waterproof connector has the characteristics of a fast and convenient installation.

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