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As an adhesive tapes manufacturer, GERGONNE has developed a wide range of technical industrial adhesive tapes to meet the needs of the most demanding industries.Get more news about double sided pet tape in china,you can vist our website!

The GERGOTAPE range offers products held in stock in the form of rolls ready for sale or jumbos ready to be transformed on request (logs, precut rolls, spools, precut pieces).

GERGOTAPE provides a wide range of adhesive solutions in terms of construction to meet the different needs of industrial manufacturers.
Types of glue: water-based acrylic, solvent acrylic, natural or synthetic rubber. The GERGOTAPE range includes different adhesive technologies (SEAtech, WRAtech, LPCtech).
Types of carriers: double sided transfer tape, double sided cloth tape, double sided grid tape, double sided polyester or polypropylene tape, double sided non-woven tape, double sided PE foam tape and double sided acrylic foam tape...

GERGONNE (industrial adhesive tapes manufacturer) has developed double-sided acrylic foam tapes based on LPCtech technology, in order to adapt to our customers' needs. These acrylic foam tapes are available in transparent or grey versions.

Acrylic foam tapes (AFT) are high performance bonding products used to provide technical assembly solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our double-sided acrylic foam tapes (high bond tape) replace mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in applications where a permanent, high strength bond is required.

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