Chinas tissue packaging machine industry development status

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Chinas tissue packaging machine industry development status

After nearly 20 years of rapid development, my country's tissue packaging machinery has a rich product variety, high cost performance, and has obvious quotation advantages. The price of tissue packaging machinery products exported from my country to Europe is only 1/3 or 1/4 of the international market. my country's own "automatic tissue packaging machine" is highly efficient and stable, but also economical and practical, with a variety of varieties. For similar equipment in Germany, the speed is only 70% of our country's products, but the quotation is 5 times that of our country. In the future, my country's export of tissue packaging machinery will continue to adhere to the advantages of quotation, and it should increase the export share of large-scale complete equipment and high-tech products, and strive to seize the technical commanding heights.Get more news about tissue packing machine,you can vist our website!

my country's packaging machinery manufacturing water steep industrial design level can be quickly developed through imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global acquisition. Today's packaging machinery manufacturing company in my country is simply acquiring some key parts through globalization, and then the technology of the equipment is sensitive and steep.

On some products with lower technical content, many packaging machines produced in my country at that time can now meet the needs of American shopping malls, and *may have a breakthrough in the short term. However, in the automatic baler, labeling machine, sealing machine and manipulator and other equipment, the machinery manufactured in my country cannot compete with German, Italian and Japanese products.

Through the improvement and optimization of technology, the end of the localization of high-end packaging equipment is just around the corner, and through the continuous application and promotion of high and new technologies, the overall level of equipment and strengthening operations, my country will also continue to move forward in the direction of international packaging.
Pillow packaging machine is roughly divided into two types: pillow type soft tissue packaging machine and toilet paper packaging machine. Pillow packaging paper towels have been produced in China for seven or eight years. The main features of the machine are simple operation, economy and practicality. Most of the supplies in the usual days are also packaged by pillow packaging machines. With the rapid development of my country's economy and the advancement of people's lives, the functions and production power of packaging machines are now facing more choices, and intelligence is one of them.

2 Three-dimensional folding paper-drawing packaging machine: The coiled material is usually located at the upper end of the machine. Three-dimensional folding paper-drawing packaging machine, paper towel folding machine + large swing paper towel cutting machine + one three-dimensional paper-drawing packaging machine are connected together to form a set Fully automatic paper towel production and packaging system, three-dimensional packaging, beautiful and elegant packaging effect, using a single layer of film, automatic bag sealing and cutting.

3. Tissue packaging machine

Everyone's daily life is inseparable from toilet paper, and now more and more people have discovered the business opportunities of toilet paper. Among the tissues we most commonly use are paper pumps and toilet paper. Usually the most used in the family is toilet paper and paper pump. Paper pump is usually used in the living room, bedroom and other places. Most of the toilet paper is used in the bathroom. It can be seen that in daily life, we cannot do without "paper" Yes, for a family with children, the essential thing to go out is toilet paper.

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