Drifting right into the action in Rocket League Season eleven

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So, here's all you want to know approximately Cheap Rocket League Credits Rocket League's Season eleven in the sport, inclusive of Estadio Vida, the Nissan Silvia, and greater.


When is the Rocket League Season 11 launch date?

The Rocket League Season 11 launch date is about for Wednesday, June 7, 2023, where the present day Season 10 will cease and a new competitive split will begin.

Season 11 will kick off at 8AM PDT / 4PM BST, following a pre-loaded update with a view to be available on June 6 at 4PM PDT / 12PM, BST.

Rocket League Season 11 new automobile.

Drifting right into the action in Rocket League Season eleven could be the Nissan Silvia car frame, which is renowned for skrrrrt skrrrrt'ing round corners.

The Nissan Silvia will fall into the Hybrid Car hitbo x category and may be  Rocket League Items Shop unlocked right now by means of shopping the Rocket Pass Premium or working through the Pass to unlock tuned-up versions at later levels.

What are all of the Rocket League car hitboxes?

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