8 Best Upcoming Binance Listings To Invest In 2023

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8 Best Upcoming Binance Listings To Invest In 2023

1. AiDoge - New AI-Based Meme-Generation Platform Currently in Presale, $5m Raised
AiDoge is a brand new crypto project that combines two of the hottest trends in the market - memes and artificial intelligence. It allows users to create unique and engaging memes with AI-powered tools. Users provide text prompts, and the tool will generate memes within seconds.To get more news about BINANCE, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

AiDoge has developed its AI tool with cutting-edge algorithms and extensive meme datasets. Moreover, its software is updated with the latest crypto news - ensuring memes stay relevant. With these powerful tools, AiDoge creates one-of-a-kind memes for virtually any context. And what's more, the memes can even be minted as NFTs.
To create memes with AiDoge, users need to have Ai, the native utility token of its ecosystem. $AI tokens are required to buy credits, which can then be spent on creating memes. Additionally, $AI tokens can be staked to receive daily credit rewards. Stakers also gain access to incentives like early access to new templates, contests, and voting power.

Simply put, AiDoge has created an AI-centric ecosystem and token with multiple utilities. This makes this project well-positioned to grow in the global meme industry. The project began selling $AI tokens via its presale in late April 2023 - not so surprisingly, AiDoge has already raised over $4.3 million in just two weeks since it launched.
2. $SPONGE - Red Hot New Meme Coin Outperfoming Pepe Since Launch
$SPONGE is a brand new meme coin that can claim to be the hottest token in the whole crypto world since it launched in early May.

The $SPONGE token has rapidly grown to see gains of more than 1,300% in less than a week, with 24-hour trading volume topping $100 million.
3. yPredict - AI and Machine Learning Ecosystem Built for Traders and Data Scientists
yPredict seeks to unlock the power of AI for trading analysis and this new platform is designed to analyze market data, and generate predictions for cryptocurrencies. This way, yPredict allows users to make informed decisions on their crypto trading positions.

What makes yPredict unique is its prediction marketplace. yPredict is the first to allow AI data scientists to sell their prediction models. The models will be offered on a subscription basis, enabling AI developers to generate passive income. Crucially, these data models will be verified by yPredict's DAO.
4. Ecoterra - Innovative Recycle-to-Earn App With Attractive Rewards
Ecoterra is a newly launched presale project focusing on sustainability that encourages users to take eco-friendly steps by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies. To facilitate this, the project has developed a new digital token, ECOTERRA.

One of the most attractive features of Ecoterra is its recycle-to-earn mechanism. The project has a network of reverse vending machines for recycling items like plastic, aluminium, and clothing. Before depositing items, users can scan the items via the Ecoterra app and receive rewards in ECOTERRA tokens.
5. Deelance - Blockchain-Based Ecosystem for the Gig Economy
There is increasing demand for freelancing jobs globally and Deelance is building a revolutionary platform to capitalize on this sector. The platform will make it easy for freelancers to connect with clients. Crucially, the platform will integrate Web3 elements, including NFTs and a metaverse.

For instance, Deelance allows freelancers to sell their work as NFTs. This facilitates easy transfer of ownership. Similarly, the platform will handle payments via smart contracts, ensuring transparency and eliminating unnecessary disputes. Deelance will also develop a metaverse where users can rent office spaces and interact virtually.
6. Launchpad XYZ - One-Stop-Shop for Web3 Products and Investment Tools
Launchpad XYZ is another new crypto project that fosters innovation and collaboration in the Web3 space. The project is building a full-fledged portal for Web3 enthusiasts. It also offers easy access to Web3 services and products, such as NFTs, DeFi tokens, and metaverses.

Launchpad XYZ comes with an assortment of features. This includes a Web3 wallet, an NFT finder, pre-launch crypto games, and a metaverse library. The platform will even allow users to mint fractionalized assets and utility tokens. Furthermore, Launchpad XYZ has also designed a unique 'Launchpad XYZ Quotient' to rank Web3 projects by risk-reward scores.
7. Tamadoge - Play-to-Earn Gaming Arcade Featuring Doge-Inspired NFTs
Tamadoge was founded in mid-2022 and aims to dominate the play-to-earn gaming space. The project has built a blockchain-backed ecosystem focused on virtual pets. Players will have their own unique pet with varying traits, randomly generated as an NFT. This means that players own their virtual pets.

What’s more, players will see their pets grow by feeding and caring for them. This will also increase the pet’s traits, such as strength and speed. Players will earn the project’s native token, TAMA, by defeating other pets in virtual battles.

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