JAGUAR piston air compressor 4HP Silent Portable Three Phase 50HZ

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asked May 15, 2023 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_mLzrNMMO (360 points)
At the beginning of Jaguar, it manufactured the first continuous piston compressor. After a long time of research, our compressor is super in quality and durable.
  First of all, our company produces piston compressors for a long time.
 In terms of technology, we have reliable experience, with the optimum compression ratio, high efficiency, simple and compact structure, therefore the volume is convenient.
  Secondly, our compressor design is simple and easy for operation, you can also use the extened range.
Additionally, we provide better compression efficiency and thermal efficiency performance than before.
1.JAGUAR piston ring and connecting rod
Our piston rings use imported materials, and the connecting rods use high-quality special steel. Therefore they’re durable.

2.JAGUAR Low speed and double cylinder design
The low speed can make the compressor less noise and also less vibration, then the double cylinders improve dynamic balance and provide large discharge.

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