The Dos and Don'ts of Furnishing Your Vacation Rental

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The furniture, decor and styling of your vacation rental can make or break guests' experiences. For any vacation rental management company, following these dos and don'ts when selecting and arranging furnishings is key:


Do Go Simple and Minimal


Avoid over-cluttering your space with too much furniture and decor. Opt for clean lines, simple materials and an uncrowded layout that feels spacious and easy to unwind in. Minimalism enhances relaxation.


Don't Use Your Own Personal Style

Resist your own interior design preferences and furnish your property based on what will appeal to the widest range of rental guests. Aim for broad appeal over personal taste.


Do Choose Durable Materials


Invest in high-quality furnishings made from durable, water-resistant and easily maintained materials like wicker, rattan, acacia wood and stainless steel. These don't show wear as quickly.


Don't Overload With Brand Names


Guests do not care about brand names when on vacation - they just want comfortable, stylish furniture. There's no need to furnish entirely with high-end boutique pieces.


Do Mix Modern and Coastal Styles


Blend timeless mid-century modern designs with coastal accents like wicker, rope and canvas materials for a style that appeals to the majority of rental guests. Think relaxed yet sophisticated.


Don't Use Too Much Dark Furniture


Stick mainly with lighter colored woods, wicker and fabrics that make your rental feel bright, airy and fresh for guests. Dark furniture can feel heavy and closed off.


Do Choose Versatile Pieces


Opt for ottomans that double as extra seating, sofas that convert to beds, chairs that recline and furniture that serves multiple purposes. This maximizes use of space.


Don't Go Too Trendy


Avoid overly trendy or dated styles that will feel old too quickly. Choose classic, versatile furniture that maintains broad appeal for years.


Do Include Lots of Extra Pillows and Throw Blankets


These small, affordable touches provide extra comfort and can be washed frequently between guests. Renters love plentiful cushions and cozy throws.


Don't Overlook Outdoor Spaces


If you have a furnished patio, yard or deck, maintain it with the same care as indoor spaces. Provide comfortable, durable outdoor furniture that extends guests' living areas.


In conclusion, by following these guidelines, any vacation rental management company can outfit their rental property with furnishings that will delight guests for years while holding up to the rigors of frequent turnover. Less can truly be more when it comes to vacation rental decor and styling - simple, classic styles with durable materials and versatile pieces create a comfortable, welcoming space that maximizes appeal for the widest range of renters.


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