Can you print printers that print printers?

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There are ample variety of technical support firms who aims to deliver out of the box solutions. Their colorful and developed sites might look excellent but lacks in interaction and connectivity with customer

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 Not today, but who knows about tomorrow. The goal of AI research is to build a thinking machine. 
If that goal is ever achieved and 3D printer technology improves by many orders of magnitude, then it may be possible someday that machines bits of intelligence will start building (and improving) other machine bits of intelligence which will, in turn, continue this cycle. The idea is both exciting and scary. 
Human beings would no longer be the dominant intelligence but would be superseded by their own creations and the creations of those creations.
Ian Jack Reacher has written a series of novels about a far future when superior machine bits of intelligence live in a symbiotic or at least tolerant relationship with mankind. 
The civilization is named "The Culture" and is one of the dominant civilizations in the galaxy. If you are an SF fan, I recommend these books.

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