For example If I'm the MLB 19 Stubs Cubs and

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For example If I'm the MLB 19 Stubs Cubs and I trade for Yasiel Puig in year, his totals are not split for both groups. It says"Tot" where the group name is in the stats. It should have two lines of stats, one because of his operation on the Dodgers, and one for his to the Cubs. Seeing how stat established MLB The Show 19 of MLB The Show 19 is, I am surprised SDS is not placing an emphasis on more details from MLB The Show 19 .Since they're getting data from mlb, I wish The Display would just copy the exact interface the mlb in bat app uses to display stats(global, minors and majors) for every player.


Franchise Mode is literally the only mode I play in the show. The mode needs to be completely revamped. The trade engine has to be enhanced - can't tell you how many unrealistic trades I have seen from competing teams into non-contending teams. More of an emphasis on the off-season - it's so easy to sign free agents and also the


biggest free agents always sign on the worst groups. I'd love to see them bring back stadium pricing at which you can dictate how much tickets cost, food, drinks, etc. and that I think more cut scenes will be beneficial and also make things more realistic (such as in 2K at which you are able to bring free agents or coaches in for a meeting and discuss contracts/team needs/player needs ).


How about them implementing brawls at MLB The buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs Show 19? Like if I hit two hitters in a row with back to back fastballs they'll charge the mound and you do not have to make like a complete cut scene for it, you may just display the participant charging then a bunch of players grouped up and then the refs.they can not do that. MLB gives them a short leash on what they can and cannot put in MLB The Show 19 .They said it through a stream that MLB won't allow it. They wanted it involved but MLB said no way jose.I dont believe this would be possible because of the rule change, now they do not happen frequently and should they happen they are cause of


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