Office 365 Cloud Backup: Pros

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asked Mar 13, 2023 in Cell Tracking by Rachel Gomez (3,640 points)

Cloud backup solutions don’t require you to own hardware, because they store your data in their own data centres with many different servers. It means that all the infrastructure and data are on the Internet, encrypted, and accessible on demand.

Having a cloud backup is like renting an apartment. Yes, the vendor uses the same physical tools which are susceptible to damage. But in this case, it is their responsibility to take care of that. You are only paying your rent, moving in, and starting to live there – everything is ready-to-use.


No setup and maintenance is required. All infrastructure is already installed and configured for you. High scalability. Office 365 Backup Service can scale up and down on your request. The amount of storage cloud backup services offer is, in most cases, unlimited. If you need to backup more accounts, you can buy new licenses, and they’re in the bag. In the same way, you can delete these accounts if you don’t need them anymore. No overheads are required. You have a settled price, which includes everything to start backing up immediately. Safety from physical damage. Floods and fires are no longer a threat to cloud backup. Compliance confidence. Global companies must meet compliance regulations, and it is much easier to do so using public clouds. Furthermore, the public cloud offers all the security and certifications required, including those for government agencies.

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