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To be honest, he enjoyed delivering takeout as it allowed him to meet people from all walks of life and train one’s temper and character.To get more news about The Abandoned Husband Dominates, you can visit official website.

He wanted to end his career as a takeout deliverer perfectly, but that bastard Ryan ruined his plan!

Ryan started hollering at Jordan, “Hurry up and remove your clothes! I have already fired you!”
His clothes, hat, and motorbike all belonged to Ubereats. Since Jordan had been fired, he was no longer qualified to use them.

With a grim expression, he removed the yellow takeout deliverer’s uniform in front of everyone.

“Hahahaha, he’s just like a dog!” Drew laughed and leaned backward.

Herman hollered, “Good-for-nothing! Weren’t you very arrogant just now? You even had the guts to hit my son! Try doing that now!”

Jordan was Ryan’s employee now and had no choice but to obey him.

He took off his uniform and tossed it onto the motorbike.

“Mr. Dunn, I heard that your proxy for Ubereats ends this year, right?”

Ryan was stunned for a moment as he asked, “What does that have to do with you?”

Jordan chuckled and said, “You don’t have to go to the capital to discuss the contract renewal anymore. You will no longer be the general agent.”

Jordan remembered who the owner of Ubereats was. Jordan’s grandfather had rejected his attempt to get acquainted with the Steeles a few years ago.

With a single call from Jordan, Ryan would vanish in Orlando!

Ryan still hoped to earn more money as the general agent, so he got furious.

“Who do you think you are!?! Am I going to stop being the proxy agent just because you said so? Do you know how close I am to the boss of Ubereats?”

“Back then, no one was optimistic about takeout delivery, but I forked over the cash to save him! This time, I’m going to spend a million dollars!”

Jordan sneered and said, “No matter how much money you fork out, you can’t become the general agent anymore. You can try if you don’t believe me.”

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