Where can i play Friday Night Funkin?

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asked Mar 6, 2023 in Electron Microscopy by emmawatson (220 points)

I liked a lot of the games but friday night funkin is the game i like most. I would invite my friends to play along which is very relaxing. 

INCLUDE 20 NEW "WEEKS" (60 songs)

That's right, 20 full levels, a complete narrative. which we had planned for a large portion for quite some time.


While pressing four buttons is entertaining, our goals go beyond this. Nothing that will interfere with the game's easy accessibility, but concepts that will expand on the meta of the gameplay and give us more freedom to develop original levels and ideas. In essence, we don't just want to create a second-rate arcade game. It will take time to develop and correctly execute ideas that have been abandoned since the first game jam prototype. One of many many of those things is the animation of the boyfriend chucking the microphone into the game's file.


sequences that further the setting and tell the story both inside and outside the game. Making a "in-game" cutscene for Week 7 took forever, but it offers much-needed context and explains what's happening. Every single event currently has a whole backstory, but to make it come to life, we'll need to animation it all.


It goes without saying that you should be able to play with or against others


the option to play as a character other than Boyfriend in 2 player and Freeplay, as well as other modes. with fresh positions and individual voices. That's true, a new voice would replace Boyfriend's voice and the music would CHANGE. or in two-player mode, where the voice of the foe is. Since it was once thought to be too much labor to complete, the playable characters who were originally planned have been delayed. But that's just one more reason to become involved in crowd fundraising.



the option to compare your friends' results with the best scores for songs worldwide, listed according to difficulty. Future game mechanics will increase the difficulty and quantity of scoring options, making it even more important to compare scores to understand how other players are doing.


We currently possess charm and style. But we believe it's time to start implementing the fundamentals, like, say, a results screen. And not just any screen will do; you need something interesting and new. All menus, including Freeplay, Options, and Pausing, are the same. Almost everything needs to be updated, and we want to enjoy the process while thinking up fresh concepts to keep it exciting.


The modding community for this game is currently exploding, and we are astounded at the skill of the players. We want to make the game as simple to modify as we can, making it feasible for even the most casual player to dabble.

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