How to resolve McAfee Error x5485?

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McAfee initial procedure. Steps of the McAfee initial procedure are discussed below: –

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 McAfee Error x5485 is a virus error which affects the working of the computer. This error may stop the working of your computer totally or bring a problem in the working of your computer. 
McAfee is a well-known antivirus software. It is very helpful in protecting the data and functioning of your computer from the virus. 
Your existing files and folders may get vanished or infected due to these files. Here, the McAfee error is very helpful in protecting the computer.
Installing this antivirus in the Window Operating System is very easier. Various issues are easily resolved in your computer through this antivirus software.
 For proper functioning of the computer McAfee is very essential i) The computer or laptop should be started as an admin.

ii) Clicking the start button on the bottom side of the Desktop screen.

iii) Go to programs.

iv) Go in the Accessories and clicking the tools option.

v) System Restore click.

vi) Click “Restore my machine to a previous time” and then click Next.

vii) Click on “click a restore point”.

viii) On confirmation window click on Next.

ix) After finishing the rescue the computer is rescued.

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