Elite 30W Surge Protected LED Flood Light AC220V 2950 Lumen

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Like a featherweight boxer, this floodlight can take, and give, a few punches. The Mesmerize Elite Floodlight has been equipped with the powerful Osram Optoelectronics SMD2835 LEDs that emit up to 100lm/w at a 110° beam angle.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website!

The robust built-in driver comes with a surge protection of between 1KV to 2KV depending which product in the series you choose.
The new patented housing has an ADC12 graded-aluminum oblique bracket for extra strength, allowing for a 3-year warranty.
Depending on what you select in this series, the product has either a compact coastal polycarbonate or the hefty ADC12-graded die-cast aluminium housing.
From domestic security to public pathways, the user-friendly bracket is angled in such a way that mounting is a breeze.
This hard-working LED Floodlight has up to 35 000 hour life-span with IEC60598-1&2 approved certifications.
This DLC Premium listed Flood Light is perfect for mid to large-size lighting application. This Flood Light are available for 2 wattages and 2 mounting options. This product is built to last, superior performance and robust design make this product suitbale for any general purpose flood light application.

The lighting needs of outdoor sports fields and facilities has resulted in the development of lighting products with different performance characteristics than that of light fixtures designed for conventional outdoor spaces (such as parking lots and building exteriors). Sports field lighting requirements have become distinct enough so that lighting products have been specifically created for illuminating athletic playing fields and facilities.

Football Field Stadium Lights Sized for Blog Post
Sports lighting projects require very specific lighting solutions. While it may be tempting to purchase less expensive “conventional” flood lights to illuminate your sports field, courts, and facilities, sports lights are well worth the initial investment for many reasons. General flood lighting is great for certain applications, however conventional flood light fixtures are rarely able to meet the lighting needs of outdoor sports facilities.
Lighting Comparison
Sports Field Lights are similar to conventional flood lights in that they both illuminate large outdoor areas. However, there are many differences in terms of beam spreads, lumen output, light quality and light levels, mounting height, impact ratings, surge protection, warranties, and wireless control capability.

We'll dive into the more significant differences below. But first, we'll define outdoor sports field lighting and conventional flood lighting, because many times these words are often used together or interchangeably, when in reality, they are two totally different types of LED light fixtures and they provide solutions for different problems.
Outdoor LED Sports Lighting fixtures are a type of exterior LED lighting fixture commonly used to illuminate large areas used for recreational or competitive sports activities such as baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.

Sports light fixtures are typically mounted on poles 40 to 100 feet tall, with between 1-12 fixtures mounted on each pole.

This type of outdoor lighting is often used by schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, amateur sports clubs, and professional sports franchises. These field lights are specifically designed to distribute light

effectively and evenly in a playing area over large distances and spaces to provide excellent visibility for players and spectators while providing significant savings in operation and maintenance costs.

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